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without hearing                                
the kooka's cacophony  
on time every day
I would be estranged
in some other land

(this tanka first published in Lynx, February 2008)

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some of my publications on-line and print:
1. a 15 line acrostic sonnet, Seeing Red, published at <> in January 2006
2. a haiku sequence, Thermal Energies, at <>
3. a poem, The Twelfth House, on line at The Salt River Review, Volume 8, Number 3, Winter 2005 - 2006 <>
4. three triptychsenryu at <> a new journal of experimental poetry
5. Fast fiction  at Doorknobs and BodyPaint On Becoming A Woman March 2006
6. 2 poems at <>
 A Poisonous Poem and Contemplations <>
7.At Folly women on top...
8. Tanka in Ribbons, Tanka Society of America Journal, Spring 2006
9. Two poems, "So Long Old Mate" and "Moving On" in the new issue of Sinister Wisdom #68/69 on the theme of Death, Grief, and Surviving, available at
10. Radio interview with Merry Gangemi Woman-Stirred Radio <>July  20, 2006
11. a poem with audio, The Ballad Of The Lonely City Drover, in the current issue of Contemporary Rhyme, Vol.3, No 3, Summer 2006, at
12. First prize in the Contest, A Picture Worth 500 Words, with her poem "On Stage"
in the current Tattoo Highway #13
13. haiku at Stylus Poetry Journal, October 2006 <>
14. A poem for today October 16 2006 at
15. a tanka in Wisteria, A Journal of Haiku, Senryu and Tanka Issue 3, October 2006
16. a poem Vibes, Earthbeats, Tribes in Harrington Lesbian Literary Quarterly, Vol 7, #2, October 2006
17a  poem, Perspectives at
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19. two haiku in Stylus Poetry Journal, January 2007 at
20. four poems at Lynx, Winter Meets Spring, and collaborative poems, post gondwana: a chain reaction by Moira Richards & Barbara A Taylor, Facing The Truth by Barbara A Taylor & Moira Richards, Food For Thought by Barbara A Taylor, Shayla Mollohan & Moira Richards, at Feburary 2007
21. haiga at Madame et Monsieur, January 2007
22. haibun Five Acres Keeps Me Happy at <> March2007
23. a poem At Year's End in That Festive Feeling Anthology, Forward Press, UK, April 2007
24. a cinquain, Waking Up in SP Quill, Spring Issue, April 2007  
25. a tanka  Fraud Squad at <>April 26 2007
26. tanka at Chrysanthemum <> April 2007
27. haibun Snowwalking at Simply Haiku,  Summer 2007
28. a tanka,'walking hand-in-hand home' , and Not Only For Oranges, an alphenga, with Moira Richards, South Africa, and Shayla Mollohan, USA. in Kokako #6, May 2007, a New Zealand print magazine of haiku, haibun, tanka and related genres
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34. a haiku at Kaleidowhirl, Summer 2007 at
35. a collaborative renga, cat seasons,with Moira Richards (SA) and Shayla Mollohan (USA) in  ken*again, Fall 2007 at <>
36. a poem, After Heavy Wetting, finalist in the Fourth Annual International Ultra-Short Competition sponsored by The Binnacle,
Ultra-Short Volume, Fall,2007
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48. two rengay with Moira Richards (South Africa), Surfing Our  Century and Three-Sided Affairs. A haibun, Kitchen Castles, and a senryu sequence, Talking Destiny: The Truth Of It All at
49. haiku,  moonlight in FreeXpression, December 2007
50. short poem The Teddy Bears' Picnic at Wednesday, 5 December 2007
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