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          After The Attack
Women Poetry Australia:                   

                                                                                           After The Attack

Resting, peaceful
on recycled polished timbers
Embraced by its grains of age
and growth, in this stillness
gazing out to chameleon rocks

I listened
to the birds
sing Spring songs
of warnings
and new birth. New challenges.

I watched
a lizard's shadow'd silhouette
move quickly up stripped, attacked tree trunks.
Lorikeets of rainbow colours fed contentedly
in red flowering funnels of honey'd blooms.
Tree ferns waved. Fresh breezes
swept perfect scents

like incense
or a perfumed candle
bringing light
through some attempt at prayer

for the safety of humanity.
For our strength
such sorrow to bear.

I glared to the horizon
gave thanks
I was
not there. I grieved and cried
for those who died
and for what is yet to be.


After The Attack
first published LadyBugLive.htm