Dancing Diamonds On Ruffled Eider Feathers

Red sun sinks. Yellow moon rises. Velvet
sky awakens. Venus winks. I dream. In
an ancient landscape: this vast country of
diverse koori tribes and totems, and where
intertwining gnarled banksias hug and
brilliant King parrots squabble. Filigreed
tree ferns gently wave. They dance in wattle
and sweet boronia scents, mesmeric
before awesome vistas. See those humbling
perspectives in sprawling valleys that sweep
to craggy basalt rocks, with layer over
layer of purple-blue and grey shadow'd hues:
humility, highlighted in the mists
of time. And where yes, oh yes, there's the joy
of inner silent spaces: free to be.

Absorbed by nature's gifts, listen to howls
of dingos and native bird serenades.
Can you hear noisy flocks of the hungry
honey-eaters, maybe feel empowered
by hovering nectar-loving spinebills
 - energy in thrusts of flapping wings -
 or, by simply watching warbling blue wrens
in bushy grevilleas and wattles?
Wonder at the delights of the double
decker dragonfly. A hiker's haunting
coo-ee calls can echo clearly from the
foot of trickling waterfalls, whilst up high
on sharp rocky ridges you can eyeball
a soaring eagle, see the struggling prey
in a kestrel's scaly claw.

It's not possible to be anything
but happy when walking in wilderness.
Ah, to feel close such purity, almost
reach out to magically touch or feel
delicate tinkling of unseen bellbirds.
 For here, you can harmonise with notes on
 the breeze, and at sunset, in this sacred
 untamed space by a cool and clear crystal
 pool, serenity is interrupted
 only by the fluttering of wild ducks
taking off, then landings - swishings galore
on agitated waters that leave sheer
beauty in ever-expanding circles
of fulgent lights, and reflected dancing
bright diamonds on ruffled eider feathers.


first published at Thylazine <http://www.thylazine.org/archives/thyla9/bt.html> 2004