Zero Is Not Meaningless

Lift off!


American for amazons, British for brassy butch
bitch. Canadian for club. Go Dutch for dykes, drugs
and dying. English for the same tea in a different cozy.
Or, alternatively, break baked bread. Catch stars, Delve
into hidden pockets of your heart. Eat cake.
Feed the starving. Give generously. Hold on
to your dreams. Invite imagination. Jump for joy
for Kindred souls live on Love, Make it
many times, Nibbling when they can
on things that come Out of the blue, off the cuff.
Play at having fun, or Play, have fun. Queer worlds await us all.
Right the wrongs. Stay in Touch with tender thoughts,
user friendly, daily (read directions). Untie old chains.
Value more why you are so important. Voilà, vex not
Whimper no more alone. X + X = 2X
Yes is a positive word. Zen
now and ever more. Zoom in

for zero is not meaningless.