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Seventh Heaven:
first published
                   SEVENTH HEAVEN

                                    hugging sacred rocks
in pulsing moonlight
                             triggers emotions
for this time to share;
a time for amatory wishes,
ONE cannot own another's thoughts.

TWO souls swimming in space,
                        we search for encounter,
discovering some valid connection
                            to enlighten
bring forth
mature fruits of generous
wise womanly ways  

THREE decades have been and gone
and lingering
                           in pounding hearts
the unexposed
    of this love
still dwells.

FOUR times I've called.
Automation tells me:
you're not at home today,
                        but there's a glory in
these stars, this moon,
                                   so say astrologers
that guide me:
they say that we'll meet soon.

                       FIVE years ago when
I crashed the car
memories tunneled toward oblivion;
                         I've wondered since
                                 do you still live?
Your framed photograph
makes me cry.

SIX days of sun
brought freckles to your face.
                                You danced naked,
floated in Azolla-coated dam.
You picked bunches of daisies;
like a child presented them
in laurels, accolades for
our perfected harmony.

SEVEN years together. Lucky
this number. A heptad drenched with passion
creative ideas and thoughts.
We imbibed too much
from this golden chalice,
                 became overly drunk
on reflected illusion.



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