women poetry australia

flashlights of shock and awe

Westerly winds' merciless whines
whirr through swaying Baltic Pines -
constant drones, like bombers
coming closer, sinister roars -
smash, crash, plunder.
Thunderous heavens grumble.

Trees curtsy; submit to Mother Earth.
I feel the charge in sporadic silver flashing lights.
The sky awakens in awe and shock. Simultaneously,
the world awakes to shock and awe.  

I rush now, along a roughly graveled country lane
to comforts of my solid shelter from heavy spitting rains
Threatening skies still rumble. Darkness nears.
These nature sights and sounds stir me:
Where can wailing mothers and their children safely be?
And those citizens who live with daily fright,
where can they find friendly cover? Be safe, from friendly fire?

Bursts of bright light illuminate a lambent sky.
This cracking fireworks fanfare, comes not from lethal MOABS
or evil stealth missiles, striking in a balmy Baghdad dawn,
           blackening the landscape of vibrant ancient times.

Here, there is no billowing smoke.
I see nobody.
No bodies. No blood. No problem.
          No fear.