A Safer and More Secure World

"Mission accomplished!" Yet COC and
cronies say there were WMDs
and the deaths of thousands of Iraqis,
Americans and their trusted allies
are worth it! Perhaps for Halliburton,
but for the rest of the world, including
those moral voters for these evil men
whose lives are fabrications of the truth,
we must live in fear, mistrust and anger
and know that what goes around comes around.
Thank you Mr President! Thank you for
your honest deep concern about your own
homeland security, and for giving
grants to hero soldiers on their return
to execute their loyalty in words
- black lines of poetry on this evil
illegal, un-called for, brutal, libelous wrong war.
Family, Faith and Flag brings you calmness.
Watch out, the world will kick your Texan ass.
Mr President, you, and your cohorts
will go down in world history as the
biggest jerks there are. Ah, but that is right
you're an American Red Republican fighter
and you look good in a bomber's jacket.
You believe in freedom and tolerance.
Still you are blind to the Democrat's views
and the rights of every woman to choose.
It is a sad question but one I ask:
Where next will you invade with your mandate?
Four more years of killing by the United States?
Listen to the UN, you have few friends!
Your corrupted re-election offends.
Sixty million voters feel much aggrieved.

My mother told me that a uniform
does wonders for a man who would be man
but to never let yourself be deceived.