Waiting For White Smoke

Vaticanista tells us his suffering was
the suffering of Christ that came to us
through this great holy man of
world democracy. This high-tech
intellectual papa -  dial the Pope for hope!?
A national liberator, a humble man
of love, freedom and forgiveness.
Now scarlet princes of the church
in secret conclave select
the new Vicar of Rome.
It seems they want the same
Superior Divine Quality.
To you good Christian people
on this mourning day I say,
and proudly now as just
another educated heathen,
“Don't put away Da Vinci code.
Pray for the soul of Il Papa
Forgive him!! Pray that the
pompous pontificating cardinals
shall make a wise decision, choose
a decent humanitarian who will
respect a good woman like you.
Will let the priest marry, and
Will permit women to be priests
Will believe that Sex is a beautiful thing
Who sees no moral evil in homosexual love
Will let the woman have control to own her body,
she has the right to choose.

John Paul II - Santo Subito!
He offered his life for his flock,
we're told, the entire human family.
He represented humility. Forgiveness.
Thanks to his 26 years' spreading
freedom, understanding and harmony,
catholics can feel at ease. It's okay
if their holy father is against homosexuality,
divorce, contraception, women. The
church is all for celibacy. Male power.

He's recognised, praised by all as
a great moral humanitarian who
brought love and respect, freedom
and hope to the world, who, in five
years time if not before, they say
may become a saint. A saint for
future generations to venerate,
give thanks, seek courage
to keep his global flock
the rights
of individuals