Sensitive Ears

boing!                       boing!                                  boing!
^                                           ^
     V     thump!                                  V         thump!

                               a wallaby just passed me by…
drip drip drip. drip. drip drip drip. drip...
    demented by that leaking kitchen tap
hum of computer
    hum of fridge
hum of fan
    hum of phobia
ticktock. ticktock. tictock...
     Old Edwardian hours-behind clock
yohoo,    yohoo,     yohoo     
     wise owl marking time
grrr grrr grrr... dog's growling warns
    there's pythons on the prowl
quoll's eerie screams terrify
     cause shivers in the dark;  
nightly, outside my bedroom's window
     fruit bats scrunching on ripe peaches;
next day, comes loud excitable cackling-
     those old chooks begun again to lay;
torrential rain with rhythm-
     Rap Dogs on my metal roof
jogs memories of falling mists
 on moving mountains of Dreamtime.