Post Santa Therapy

There's an expert for this and an expert for that,
A wise counsellor here, or an adviser there,
And multi-skilled consultants about everywhere;
But who looks after their cares and their needs
That have suffered the traumas for their parents' good deeds?
You see, they all believed, back in their childhood days,
That old Santa would come only if there was praise;
But then some found out, and only by chance,
That they had been led a big merry dance:
Deceived and hurt at this tender young age
And forever locked in a rampant rage.
Well, as the sic saying goes, then, “I am your man!”
Who'll guide you through this Santa scam.
I'll take you way back to that stressful time
And the “What do you want for Christmas?” line;
Where Santa is both a husband and wife,
Whose lies upset your early life;
We'll explore your bruised and wounded mind,
And recognise the Santa kind.
By then you're free to choose your Claus,
To make the rules or break the laws;
And for one extra week!  You can learn how it's done!
To become a “Post Santa Therapist”,
On the run.