Why Do You Need To Kill?

Domestic incident or not
she and he and they are dead.
Who is at fault we cannot know
but what is true, and must be said
is 33 lives died from gun shots.
The President says, “It's fair go,
wrong place, wrong time…….
Your rights are the same as mine…
written in the Constitution: take up arms,
defend yourself…” But today, you
don't need your guns to kill the French,
the British, the slaves, the natives.
Ask, Who makes these guns?
Who do you need to shoot?
Insist the politicians stand up
against the NRA, have your say,
make the populace listen. It's the need
for stricter gun controls, to regulate, regularly
screen those persons who must handle firearms.
Like a car is a lethal weapon on the super highway
so too is the gun in the hands of a reckless driver.