Thistles Bloom Again  Din nou flori de spin
summer junicho by Barbara A Taylor and Vasile Moldovan

no news
from the mountaintop…
spiraling smoke

a python slithers
into this hazy sunset

in the Milky Way
an aeroplane

into arms of love

power outage
mother nursing
in the darkness

only oil lamps
glimmer in the mist

through dank leaves
phosphorescent fungi

Indian summer
some thistles bloom again

the smell of turf
and a slivered moon
through broken glass

rumour has it that
the spring is coming

the scent of wattles
in country lanes

two lines of swallows
on the telegraph wires


an internet collaboration composed in April 2009
first published in Haiku Scotland May 2009
and in Albatross, Magazine of the Constantza Haiku Society of Romania
#12/13 2009