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At Year's End

When time is sparing
and the threat of nuclear war
looms on your doorstep,
it is not Christmas, but
mellow songs of birds
chorusing like angels
that bring true joy and hallelujah
harmony; it is the fresh ocean
breezes with warm wind in my hair,
and the salty smell of sea
that make me thirsty, yearn
for your sun-kissed energy;
it is the feel of the rolling waves
and the sensing of tides,
roaring, eddying, spume and spray
on craggy starfish'd rocks
this Christmas day.

Alone with friendly dolphins
I'll swim and splash till sunset's final dot
where reflected lights on waters
shine like shimmering diamonds,
this perfect summer night;
I'll be thinking of you
- your coldness, ice and snow, afar
in glistening white landscapes of
sparkling crystal'd pine cones and
skipping deer. But lo! forever,
the blue wren, the scarlet robin
still sing. They sing
of peace and love
for you and for me,
for the whole world.



first published in anthology:
That Festive Feeling, Forward Press, UK, 2007